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I’m voting for Tony Pagliocco for Federal Way City Council  (Position 7) because he stands ready to address public safety issues that impact our community. He has championed efforts locally to help with reducing panhandling, improving community relations with our police, and bringing awareness to the rising criminal challenges impacting Federal Way. Tony will continue pursuing high-tech and innovative ideas to make Federal Way a safe and vibrant community. Please support Tony so we can begin taking our city to a new standard of quality because as our city grows, we must be prepared to grow our public safety resources accordingly.  Vote Tony!

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I’m voting for Tony Pagliocco for Federal Way City Council Position 7 because he knows the importance of how youth programs can play an important role in saving our great city. Tony says educational, service, and vocational youth programs demonstrate different vantage points and can provide inspiration or a professional path. Our youth community NEED a place at the table as we shape our city’s future. He wants to pursue creative solutions like partnerships with Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Tony also will ensure the City Council finds ways to foster input from and about the youth community, collaborating effectively with other groups, funding sources and organizations. Vote for our youth! Vote For Tony!

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I support Tony Pagliocco for a number of reasons but one of his greatest skills is his experience in technology. If there's anyone who can elevate the technology game in Federal Way, it's Tony. His years of working at Hasbro, Boeing, and SheKnows Media taught him how to provide easy to use digital tools to a global audience in the millions. Tony's plans to provide free mobile friendly solutions to many of our challenges is a game changer. Let's move to the future and away from the mistakes of previous years, let's support Tony!

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I’m voting for Tony Pagliocco for Federal Way City Council  (Position 7) because he knows the importance of business to the growth of Federal Way. Without strong public safety resources, we are not going to be able to draw businesses to invest money into a city that has a panhandler on many of it's corners. We need to remember the more business we have, the more jobs we have, and if we do not provide good reasons for businesses to come here, they will stop coming to Federal Way. We have to work closely with our business leaders to build a vision that revitalizes our business ecosystem. Vote for Tony!

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I am supporting Tony Pagliocco for Federal Way City Council, Position 7 because he's not afraid to bring up real issues.  Tony has been passionate about getting panhandling out of Federal Way but also being empathetic.  If people want help, we should help them but if they do not, then we have to develop ordinances that make Federal Way panhandling unfriendly.  There are many ordinances in other cities that Tony has researched and brought to the city that have stood up to ACLU challenges.  Tony does the research that is needed, and that's why we need to get behind him!

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One reason I support Tony Pagliocco is his experienced, collaborative, and transparent leadership style, with the temperament to change the tenor of City government. No more politics-as-usual. Tony will continue to seek ways to maximize City Council’s effectiveness, but also ensure the people who fund this city know where their money is going. Tony knows that it's critical we are open and honest with our wins and losses. Vote Tony Pagliocco for City Council of Federal Way, his committment to transparency, accountability and ethics are needed.